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Let me guess! You listed your home with an agent or FSBO and it for some odd reason it didn’t sell. Well… You are not the only one and unfortunately it happens to even the best and nicest of homes. Please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because it may be something very small keeping that perfect buyer away.

Tip #1. Imagine you are a First Time Buyer. I recommend my clients walk outside and re-enter their own home and tell me the first impression they get. Often you would be surprised what happens. Examples, I have had sellers tell me the landscaping is bad and full of weeds. Another Seller did not like how the entrance way was blocked by a large piece of furniture. However, All of these things were correctable and helped sell the home.

Tip #2. Make Your Home EASY TO SHOW. In a perfect world potential buyers will always give a seller 24/48 hours notice. In realty that doesn’t always happen. Believe it or not some buyers tend to be impulse buyers and will jump to quick decisions. There is nothing more frustrating to the realtor and/or home seller than to have to turn away potential showings due to a house not ready to show.

Tip #3. Selecting The RIGHT PRICE!!! Hopefully the professional you decided to help handle the transaction of your home showed you the most recent “SOLD” comparable properties (Last 6/12 Months) to accurately advise you on what the list price should be. It is always import to look at home actively listed and available. However, Some of these homes may be overpriced so less attention is given to these when determining a value.

Tip #4. Professional Photography. We have seen updated statics show that 90% of home buyers start their home search online. My team tends to think that number may be a little low. If these stats are true then it becomes VERY IMPORTANT to maximize every important feature in the home with a high quality image. If you photos online are dark, cluttered, or blurry then you have already lost the biggest battle. Hiring a Professional Photographer to take images of your home is more reasonable than you may think. On a side note: If you home features 2 or more acres of land it would be in your best interest to get drone photography also.


The Dustin Holden Team

Coldwell Banker Elite





Thank you for taking the time to read this article. The sole purpose of this article is to hopefully find the eyes of the one reader who is struggling to sell his/her home and give them a new perspective and shine a light on ways they may help them in future.

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