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5 Affordable Home Seller Tips

Getting TOP DOLLAR for your home in todays market may be easier than what you think. Of course several factors are involved. The location of the property, the condition of the home, and choosing the right real estate agent with proven results are all huge factors. After being in the real estate industry for 12 years I have discovered 5 Improvements and Tips that will help you get closer to TOP DOLLAR without breaking the bank.

Seller Tip #1: Fresh Paint / Neutral Color

Paint can be expensive!!! But it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a quick trip to your local hardware store, a few brushes, and some elbow grease. Yes, buyers can and may choose to repaint after they move in. However, don’t give them any reason to knock you on your price. Most purchaser know within the first 3 minutes of walking into a property if it will be a place they will call home.

Seller Tip #2: Fresh Mulch / Landscaping

One of the biggest deal killers on a property is upkeep. If a potential buyer sees a home that has over grown shrub beds, lots of weeds, and old mulch it may give them the indication that the home is not well taken care off. This is a huge turn off for buyers and may be the reason they pass on your property.


Seller Tip #3: Open Blinds/Curtains when Showing

One of the top objectives for a potential seller should be provide as much lighting as possible when the house is being shown. This gives a very positive vibe. Turn on all lights and open all blinds & curtains. In my 12+ years as a licensed realtor I can promise you that potential buyers have walked away from good homes because they didn’t like the “Feel” of a property. A dark room can be a very big turn off. So SELLERS make sure all those bulbs are replaced also.

Seller Tip #4: Hide Pets / Bowls / Toys

Hide any signs of pets inside the home. I am a pet lover myself!!! However, all buyers may not be. Keeping a clean home should take care of any smells. Dog/Cat bowls laying in the kitchen floor is not a good thing and may run off a potential buyer. Place all bowls/toys/and food in a cabinet while the house is being shown.

Seller Tip #5: Less is  MORE (Pictures, Counter-Tops, Furniture)

A common mistake that many sellers make is to over crowd the Kitchen and Bathroom Counter Tops. A couple of decorative pieces can be a good thing but try to remove everything else. I have been in homes where tooth brushes, soap, lotion, cologne and perfume were taking up 50% of the counter top space. Family pictures are ok in moderation. 1 Large Family picture on an open wall can be a beautiful feature. 12 on the same wall can be a clutter. Often when listing a home I seek the advise of a professional home decorator (at my expense) to make sure the home is decorated correctly to get the sellers TOP DOLLAR. The last thing we want is the sellers personal items hurting the value of a property.

God Bless,

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