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    By Dustin Holden | February 13, 2019

    Today while eating lunch with Michael Bange a insurance professional with Allstate and a veteran with 20+ years in the business it occurred to me that I know very little about home owners insurance. I have a feeling many of you are in the same boat as me and maybe afraid to ask or just... Read More


    By Dustin Holden | February 11, 2019

    After 12+ years in the real estate business I have seen and dealt with several foreclosures and actually purchased a few myself. However, The general public should be aware of several things when buying a foreclosed home. RIGHT OF REDEMPTION: Right of Redemption means the owner who lost the home could actually come back and re-take... Read More

    SHOALS MARKET REPORT 2017 vs 2018

    By Dustin Holden | January 29, 2019

    Shoals Area Market is trending up heading into 2019!!! We will provide you with a brief snapshot of the SOLD market in 2017 compared to 2018. Jan 1 2017 – Dec 31 2017 Residential Homes Sold: 1819 Units for $272,285,366 Land Sold: 193 Units for $17,089,246 Commercial Sold: 51 Units for $8,180,640   Jan 1... Read More


    By Dustin Holden | January 29, 2019

    Let me guess! You listed your home with an agent or FSBO and it for some odd reason it didn’t sell. Well… You are not the only one and unfortunately it happens to even the best and nicest of homes. Please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because it may be something very small keeping that... Read More

    5 Affordable Home Seller Tips

    By Dustin Holden | December 4, 2018

    Getting TOP DOLLAR for your home in todays market may be easier than what you think. Of course several factors are involved. The location of the property, the condition of the home, and choosing the right real estate agent with proven results are all huge factors. After being in the real estate industry for 12... Read More

    Vacation Lake Homes in The Shoals

    By Dustin Holden | July 23, 2017

    Hidden in the Northwest Corner of Alabama and only 2.5 hours from Memphis and 2 hours from Nashville you will find an area known as “The Shoals”. In this area Lake living is king. However this area offers so much more…  SHOPPING, ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD, AND LUXURY LAKE HOMES!!! See Below   Shopping.. Florence is considered the... Read More

    June 2017 Market Report

    By Dustin Holden | July 11, 2017

    June 2017 Market Update: 207 Total Properties Sold (200 in May) 189 Residential Properties Sold (171 in May) $153,706 Average Residential Sold Price ($167,980 in May) 75 Days on Market Average (84 in May) 391 New Listings (429 in May) 302 New Residential Listings (331 in May) $30,536,686 Total Volume Sold ($31,148,926 in May)  ... Read More

    Shoals Area GOLF!!!

    By Dustin Holden | July 7, 2017

    The Shoals Area is known for its rich history in music. Legends such as Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, and Percy Sledge have recorded in this city by the lake. Outside of the hundreds of hit songs that have been recorded here, there is another little hidden gem…. GOLF!!! Grab your golf clubs and come visit... Read More